About Victor Harris, Jr.

Victor Harris, Jr.Victor Harris Jr. is a SF bay area born and raised performance poet who has been writing since 1989 and performing since 1999. Like many a young poet, Victor started writing poetry in the attempt to woo a romantic interest. Like many a young poet he failed, but kept writing, having found a new love.

He grew up with two parents who never took him to church or attempt to indoctrinate him into any one belief system.  Even though most of his schooling was in catholic institutions, it was clear that his family was did not subscribe to this belief. Lately he’s writing to push back against religion’s vaunted position in the public psyche, as well as to communicate science based information in an attempt to debunk pseudoscience. His writing tends to be aimed at non-skeptics, but can be enjoyed by anyone. His inspiration comes from many sources: from other poets, books he’s read, to music and the performance poetry of friends. As is evident by his poetry, Victor is passionate about debating, science, and humanism.

For much of his performance career Victor performed every week and while he can’t recall every performance, one of his favorite performances was the first time he performed an “atheist” poem for his poetry community. The love and support he got from people who did believe but loved him enough to understand that our differences were minor was wonderful, uplifting, and something he wishes every out atheist could experience. Another of his most memorable performances was performing “Graduation Gift” at a family party while holding his niece Bryce. Finally, he had another amazing performance experience on stage at the first Reason Rally. He impressed Neil deGrasse Tyson with one of his more physics and science- laden poems. Victor intends to keep finding poetic ways of communicating scientific concepts and is excited about the possibility the future holds.

Reuschelle's Cheesecakes

Victor also owns and operates Reuschell’s Cheesecakes in the East Bay Area.

Winner East Bay Express Best of the Bay, 2009.
Heaven on a fork.
White Chocolate Raspberry Chocolate Chip – Caramel Apple – Original – Blueberry – Mocha

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